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Cover Stories
Farm Fresh, Biscayne Times, June 2011 

The Trouble with Golf, Biscayne Times, April 2011

Off the Grid, Biscayne Times, September 2010

The Pools are Alive with the Sound of Music, Swimmer, May-June 2010

Breaking 50,000, Swimmer, January-February 2010

Swimming's Best Friend Won't Quit, Swimmer, September-October 2009

Biscayne Times Environmental Column, Miami, 2006-2016
A Shift in Capital, January 2016
Bad News, Worse News, December 2015
That Sinking Feeling, November 2015
March Before We Swim, October 2-15
Cry Me a River--For Real, September 2015
The Pope’s Plan, August 2015
What the Reef Anglers Know, July 2015
Unsustainable Styrofoam, June 2015
Blue Is the New Green, May 2015
Ripple Effect, April 2015
Living at Ground Zero, March 2015
A Safe Harbor, February 2015
Check Those Score Cards, January 2015
Less Gawdy, More Glow, December 2015
$100 Million for What Reefs?, November 2015
Going, Going, Gone, October 2014
The Butterfly Effect, September 2014
Speak with Your Feet, August 2014
System Collapse, July 2014
When Less Is More, June 2014
Q&A Me, May 2014
Add the Everglades to the Endangered List, April 2014
Sifting for Truth in the Deep Dredge, March 2014
Raise a Glass to the River of Grass, February 2014
Celebrate Our Local Roots, January 2014
Friendly, Shady, Bumpy, December 2013

 (... this is getting's a few more...)

Our $12 Billion Plumbing Problem, Sept 2013
I Do, We Can, August 2013
Bracing for the Big One, March 2013
Saving Our Seafood, December 2012
Saving Nemo, November 2012
Rethinking Green , May 2012
Good Green News
My Big Fat Green Funeral, Dec 2011
Out of Africa, Into Miami, Oct 2011
Our Fowl Friends
Swimming in Deepwater
The Sun Orbits Our Flat Earth,  March 2011
Gardens You Can Eat,  Dec 2010
Simple Tips on Living Wisely , Nov 2010
Green Art Takes Root in Miami, November 2008
The State of Sea Turtles, Sept. 2006

Biscayne Times Local Park Critic Column, Miami, 2007-2015 
[with my photographs]
And the Winner Is …, August 2015
Good Park / Bad Park, July 2015
A Slice of Heaven in Key Biscayne, June 2015
Bahia Honda: No. 1 in the USA, May 2015
Pitch Perfect, April 2015
Perfect Score, March 2015
Enchanted Forest, Endangered Forest, February 2015
What’s Wrong With This Picture?, January 2015
When Green Goes Gray, December 2014
A Park Just for Kids, November 2014
History by the Bay, October 2014
Museum Park Makes a Grand Debut, July 2014
Culture, Naturally, April 2014
A Paradise of Blue and Green, February 2014
Raise a Glass to the River of Grass, January 2014

(... this is getting's a few more...)

A Pier With a Turquoise View, Oct 2013
A Bike Rider’s Paradise, June 2013
A Grave Concern, Jan 2013
Little Park of Horrors, August 2012
The In-Between Green, July 2012
Taking a Pass on Grass, June 2012
A Great Place to Go Barefoot, March 2012
Not Quite Beauty Greens Yet, Feb 2012
Heaven Is a Playground, Sept 2011
A Playground No More, May 2011
Amid the Urban Jungle, a Real Jungle, February 2010
What a Racket!, January 2010
One Real Park, Five Phony Parks, Sept 2009
Looks Like a Job for Oscar the Grouch, July 2009
Where the Wild Things Still Are, May 2009
Green on Blue
Quiet Village, Rollicking Park, Biscayne Times, August 2008
Park and Ride
The Sands of Time
Meeting the Challenge

Barry University Magazine

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  • ​You name it . . . even ghostwriting, for example, for president of Miami Dade College:
  1. The DREAM Act, Deferred, Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, Volume 20 (2007-2008)
  2. Deepening the American Dream, Christian Science Monitor, 2007

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